Pure Life

The Pure Life Group was formed in January 2006, with the sole object of delivering pure and healthy products to people all around the world. Today it is a renowned brand in the organic industry for supply of Organic bulk ingredients. We have various product categories like sweeteners, starches, coconut and animal feed. Sweeteners are the core of our product category and sugar is the main product in the category. We started with a modest beginning in 2008 by exporting few metric tons of organic sugar to Europe from India. Our aim is not to become exporters of limited reach but the local supplier of customers worldwide. Our operations span globally wherein we ensure that we make hassle-free doorstep deliveries. Today we deal in thousands of metric tons of Organic sugar which caters to the requirements of clients in more than 10 countries of EU, most of USA, Israel and Australia. Customer satisfaction, benefits to our farmers, service, quality, integrity and sustainability, a hassle free supply, just-in-time deliveries, justified margins are some of our core values.

It is Pure Life's drive and passion for a healthier and purer life that keeps us dedicated to the production of world-class Organic products. Our mission keeps us aligned in our marketing efforts which have shown spectacular results and we see an increasing trend of repeat orders from our clients from all over the world. Our brand-building phase is continuously on; and the sustainable & consistent approach has yielded good results.

With the demand for our sugar on a constant rise, we turned our eyes to increasing our production base as well. Thus foraying into Mozambique where we would be producing more than 100,000 MT organic sugar by 2019 – of all the various grades of sugar that one can ever imagine – for both the bulk and the retail industry. Some of the grades of sugar that we would be producing in our Mozambican project are White, Golden, Extra Light, Raw, Demerara, Turbinado, Powdered, Large Grain AA and Cubes.

At Pure Life, we don't believe in having the 'conventional' sell-and-buy relationship with our customers. We believe in vendor development, we believe in sustainability, consistency of efforts and quality thereof, personalized services to clients irrespective of time zones and in building relationships which are beyond cultures.

To put it succinctly – we are supply chain people; and hence tend to deeply involve ourselves at the grass root level. We engage ourselves in closely monitoring the produce right from soil preparation and overseeing the farm practices to critically observing and evaluating every step of the production processing which is monitored by our team of technical experts. Additionally, practices for the benefit of the farming community are also undertaken. Going a step further, we have done a forward vertical integration by forming a logistics company which ensures that the goods are transported in the best possible manner even to the clients with small requirements.

We have Organic Food and feed projects in India, Vietnam, Mozambique and Latin America. Our upcoming project areas are Tanzania and Swaziland. Our massive reach across various projects gives us a wide diversity in our product offering and also backups in terms of product availability. The customers have a choice to enjoy the taste and profile of different origins like for example, our coconut project exists both in India and Vietnam.

All our processing facilities are certified with all the vital standards like, organic, GMP, HACCP, food & feed safety, social responsibility or Kosher and Halal.