Working with farmers is our passion. It gives us immense satisfaction to see our farmers worldwide growing and living a good life. Our Fairtrade movement started with the Organic sugar project in India.The organic movement in the Southern part of India yielded very well for our farmers. Taking a further leap in this regard, we started organizing our farmers into cooperative societies for getting them fairtrade certified. This movement has transformed the lives of our farmers. We have witnessed massive upliftment in the general living standards of the members of the coop.

Taking a cue from our Fairtrade sugar project, we are now progressing to organise our coconut farmers too under the ambit of Fairtrade certified cooperatives. We are also working to get our Vietnam projects of Tapioca and coconut Fairtrade Certified too.

With Fair-trade certification, the farmers are formed into societies in which there is no discrimination on grounds of religion/caste/sex etc. All people live in harmony in the villages and everyone works together for taking up developmental activities in the village. They celebrate festivals and fairs in the village collectively irrespective of their religious beliefs. It is interesting to see people living together and enjoying life within the available resources. Fair-trade is changing the lives of these farmers for the better.

Fair Trade is a partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks greater equity in international trade. We truly endorse this philosophy. Fair Trade principles help hard working Farmers to have better lives by guaranteeing that they work in favorable conditions and are paid equitable prices for their products.

When you see the Fair Trade Certified label on a Pure Life product, it's a guarantee that it was produced and traded in accordance with strict international Fair Trade standards, including the use of sustainable farming practices. Right now we are certified by FLO Cert and Fairtrade USA.