Pure Life is a peoples' company. It is driven by the aim to contribute to the community and the people it works with, whether directly or indirectly. It is the company's continuous endeavor to promote the concept of sustainability. For Pure Life, 'Organic' is not just a concept, it means actually living the true meaning of being an organically certified company as it evolves and progresses every moment.

We are providing supreme quality Organic Products across the Globe by fulfilling particular standards according to different regions & simultaneously striving to increase our portfolio and offer as many healthy organic products to customers worldwide. At the same time we focus on minimizing the cost which helps in maintaining a long term relationship with clients.

What makes Pure Life unique as a company is that it manages the entire supply chain, starting right from the soil preparation level through to the final delivery under its own strict surveillance ensuring that the best quality product reaches the customer. To make this possible, Pure Life has given employment to huge number of people across the globe working on its projects for sugar in India, tapioca & coconut in Vietnam, soybeans from China, and a fully-owned project in Mozambique spread across 10,000 hectares of land wherein an entire city is being built by Pure Life, generating massive growth opportunities not only for the people who are working at Pure Life Mozambique, but to the entire country itself. The company is constructing roads, establishing housing facilities, schools, hospitals, shopping complex and a world-class infrastructure for the people there.

Pure Life has always been conscious towards the people whom it considers as its 'partners' – irrespective of their level in the organization. Every employee after completion of 3 years in the company is entitled to its shares and dividends.

Pure Life is conscious about the fact that the farmers, the producers of food, should be given a fair share for their hard-work. The company shares the premium of its sales with each and every farmer. Apart from that, Pure Life's 10000+ farmers are supported with very subsidized organic inputs including specially activated press mud, bio-fertilizers and organic soil mobilizers and technical help from our team.

With rigorous research on organic practices and direct involvement with farmers for more than 8 years now, Pure Life has evolved as a pioneer in the organic Industry. The result of perseverance in this field is a 'team of experts' who are involved at the grass root level.

Our Sugar project in India is Fair-trade certified. The Fair-trade premium earned by the farmer societies is used by them for the betterment of the societies by ways such as purchase of organic inputs, loans for farming equipment, building schools or other infrastructural related basic needs.

Our core value of living and working with consciousness keeps us enlightened to grow and progress with complete harmony. We follow the 10 principles of Corporate Social Highlighted by the UNGC. It keeps us balanced, gives us poise in our economization process and leads to overall sustainability both of our organization and the society in general.

We are fully engaged and are innovating every day. As part of this process, we study the sustainability activities of others inside and out of our markets. We want to maintain a balance between economy, happy employees, healthy environment and community development. We are carrying out programs which contributes in sustainability in terms of the way we produce our products, in the way our products are available today and in future to our customers. We continuously strive to develop the communities in which we are working by ways of massive investments and finally we ensure that in all our endeavours we have the positive environmental impact; Our Organic mission does wonders in this regard.